Basketball Games Start Sat., January 9th

The basketball game schedules can be found at

Most of our teams are in the East Zone.


The QuickClub app can also be downloaded on your cell phone and used to view the schedule. The app also provides a map to the gym location.


We are working on getting information regarding the number of spectators that will be allowed per player at the games. This will be provided by the hosting gym.

If you need any help finding your child's game schedule, please send us a message or call us at 210-920-4601. Thank you!


Other Notes:

All games will be played in the San Antonio/Selma area due to limited gym availability in our area.


We will follow COVID protocols from both the Archdiocese and our Parish, including: wearing masks for everyone except for players when actively participating in practices and/or games., temperature checks, social distancing, and no carpooling to practices or games. Spectator attendance at practices will be limited to one parent per player, and spectator attendance at games will be based on hosting gym protocols.


Thank you for your patience and understanding. We will continue to work hard at making the basketball season run as smoothly as possible.

Key Season Dates

  • Registration: November 15th through December 13th

  • Practices start December 14th

  • Practices could be held during the Christmas Break since games will start after Winter Break.

  • Regular season: 1/8/21 to 2/21/21

  • Zone playoffs:  2/23/21 – 2/28/21

  • City tournament: 3/2/21 – 3/7/21

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Our Mission
To offer sports and recreation programs emphasizing friendly competition through good sportsmanship modeled by adult participants.  We invite all participants, Catholic and otherwise, youth and adults, to share in the life of their faith community with a desire to bring all involved closer to Christ.  A holistic approach of mind, body and spirit is incorporated for faith Christ like conduct by all is the true measure of success within the program.